E-168 - In Silence The Secret Speaks: An Inter- disciplinary Narrative Performance by Seema Kohli

E-168 - In Silence The Secret Speaks: An Inter- disciplinary Narrative Performance by Seema Kohli
In Silence The Secret Speaks: An Inter-disciplinary Narrative Performance by Seema Kohli


Thursday, May 03 2018

06.00 PM to 08.00 PM


Royal Opera House,

Mama Parmanand Marg,

Mumbai - 400 004




Seema Kohli

Sahil Vasudeva

Lokesh Bhardwaj 

Shruthi Vishwanath




Join us for an inter-disciplinary narrative performance piece at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai. Conceptualised by Artist Seema Kohli, this layered evening, will entail a site-specific immersive experience engaging with the artist’s interior landscape, while exploring her intimate relationship with contemporary philosophy, myths and oral traditions. This narrative performance has evolved from a painting by Seema, which organically transcended into verbal form through poetry. At the core of the performance is the symbolism of constant creation and evolution, bringing together influences of ancient and modern Indian traditions and the artist’s own spiritual quest in the expressions of her art. Supporting the artist’s narrative, acclaimed practitioners from various disciplines bring together a poetry/spoken word performance, woven intimately with movement and music. Sahil Vasudeva is a classically trained pianist based in New Delhi. Lokesh Bhardwaj is a Bharatnatyam dancer and recipient of the prestigious Charles Wallace scholarship. Shruthi Vishwanath is a musician and composer - trained extensively in Carnatic music exploring the intersections of classical and folk. A specially curated selection of auxiliary art by the artist will be also be on display around the venue.

Do not miss this evening showcasing a unique fusion of poetry, philosophy and the visual and performing arts.

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    Seema Kohli has created her own niche in the world of contemporary art since the past 35 years. Her creative repertoire is eclectic, encompassing a wide range of mediums ranging from painting, murals, experiential installation performances, films to installations, sculptures and each a unique expression of her style. With over 30 solo shows, including Venice, Brussels, Melbourne, London, NY, Dubai, Singapore Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore She has participated in International Biennales (Venice, Shanghai, India), Art fairs (Hong Kong, Basel, Beijing, Madrid, India) She has had interactive session and experiential performances at Wu Wei Wisdom Sanctuary Bali 2016 among many other of her ever growing expansive portfolio.

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    Sahil Vasudeva is a classically trained pianist based in New Delhi. He studied piano under Dr. Nelson Harper at Denison University, Ohio (2004-2008). He was selected from a national pool of pianists to perform at the Young Talent Concert Series at NCPA, Mumbai (June 2015) and is artist-in-residence at Vana Retreats, Dehradun. He is currently continuing his training and studies at the Delhi School of Music under Director, John Raphael. His production The Un-Recital engages in classical/contemporary piano and explores its relationship with theatre, photography, film, light and sound design. Currently, the performance includes work by Rachmaninov, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Schumann, Satie, in addition to his own compositions. It also features collaborations with photographers, Sohrab Hura and Igor Posner. He has performed in venues across the country and typically in venues that would be considered unconventional for classical piano. He has performed at NCPA Mumbai, Institute of Cervantes (Delhi), Exhibit 320, India International Centre, Alliance Francais, Piano Man Jazz Club, Depot 29/48, Australian Embassy, NGMA Bangalore, Bandra Base, Coral Studios (Bombay), Oddbird Theatre, TIFA (Pune), to name a few. He has also composed for independent film, documentary, TV commercials, art installation and performance art. Select collaborative work has been showcased in Budapest, Kala Ghoda FilmFestival, Kochi Biennale, India Art Fair, National Gallery of Modern Art (Bangalore) in collaboration with artist and painter, Seema Kohli. Sahil is deeply concerned with the accessibility, relevance, and exclusivity of classical piano and lack of the instruments sound - a concern he attempts to address through his performance style. Sahil is one of the few local musicians performing western classical music and solo piano work in India. He wishes to revive the dying art of solo piano performance, share the depth and his passion for classical composition. 

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    Lokesh Bhardwaj is one of the finest young male Bharatanayam dancers in India today. With a commanding stage presence, Lokesh is a very sensitive, intelligent and an athletic performer with superb grasp of technique as well as musicality. Bharadwaj grew up in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, where he pursued an array of interests: martial arts, theatre, tabla, music as well as swimming. In 1997, he started his training in Bharatanatyam under Sh. Justin McCarthy, at the Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, at New Delhi, and graduated the Post Graduate Diploma course with distinction, in 2006. He has trained as an actor with Barry John and been a serious student of yoga with Navtej Johar at Studio Abhyas for several years now. Recipient of the Charles Wallace Scholarship, 2008, Lokesh trained in modern dance at the London Contemporary Dance School, London, UK. He has been the principal dancer in most of Justin McCarthy’s choreographies since 2003, is today a principle dancer in the Abhyas Dance Ensemble and in addition pursues a performance career in both classical and contemporary dance as a soloist.

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    Shruthi Vishwanath is a musician, composer and educator. Trained extensively in Carnatic music, her quest for a music that was more true to her led her to the works of Kabir, and the mystic poets. She now explores the intersections of classical and folk, intellectual and visceral by singing the works of poets from across the subcontinent in different forms of music. Her interpretations of abhangs have resulted in several new revivals of unknown works, especially of women saints. Shruthi has performed at venues and festivals across India and abroad. Some key performances include the Kabir Festival of Mumbai, Malwa Kabir Yatra, NCPA, India Habitat Centre, an IFA showcase series in Singapore, and at Raga Forum for Indian Music Vienna. She is a grantee of India Foundation for the Arts.